Just Another Day

  • Autor: Franklin_T0rtle
  • Fandom: Supernatural
  • Jazyk: AJ
  • Postavy: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, tým BAU
  • Rating: M - 16+
  • Slash: ne
  • Dokončeno: dokončeno
  • Počet kapitol: 6
  • Shrnutí: The Behavioral Analysis Unit has never seen such a confusing case with such a convoluted timeline. The unsubs have no apparent MO, preferred method of killing, or victim type. Nevertheless, they're determined to crack it. But if they think they can make sense of these brothers, they've got another thing coming. They've never been up against Winchesters before, and the answers to their questions are a lot more than they bargained for. Sam and Dean Winchester have-once again-been arrested. Police custody never seems to stick to them and it's no surprise that they're sitting in holding cells. It comes with the territory, they know the drill. They're used to it by now-but they've never been up against the BAU before either.
  • Klíčová slova: Myšlenky zločince, sériový vrah, lovci monster, odhalení nadpřirozena, FBI, crossover

Hodnocení čtenářů:

“Celkem klasicky crossover s těmito fandomy, kdy jsou kluci zatčeni a pak se na stanici objeví démon a BAU pochopí, že nadpřirozeno je skutečné. Hezky napsané, ale nic zvláštního.”