I Thought That Blood Could Make Me Beautiful

  • Autor: LordJixis
  • Fandom: Our Flag Means Death
  • Jazyk: AJ
  • Postavy: Izzy/Černovous/Stede
  • Rating: explicitní
  • Slash: ano
  • Dokončeno: dokončeno
  • Počet kapitol: 1
  • Shrnutí: Izzy will always be exactly what his captain needs. It just seems he can't be what Edward wants.
  • Klíčová slova: trojka, post-canon

Hodnocení čtenářů:

“Vynikající Izzyho POV: "Here’s the thing: he thought they’d be each other’s forever. Edward said once that he could be nothing else, so Izzy formed himself around him, got rid of the parts that didn’t fit, molded his entire being to the immutable form of Blackbeard, and he’d thought -"”