Drop Anchor

  • Autor: almaasi
  • Fandom: Supernatural
  • Jazyk: ČJ
  • Postavy: Dean Winchester/Castiel, Charlie Bradbury, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore, Benny Lafitte, Bobby Singer
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Slash: ano
  • Dokončeno: dokončeno
  • Počet kapitol: 7
  • Shrnutí: AU. A sailor and an enemy pirate are marooned on an island together, and while awaiting rescue they accidentally achieve domestic bliss. Or: Dean Winchester is lieutenant of the Royal Trading Ship Echelon. On a pleasantly sunny but particularly catastrophic day, he is marooned on an island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with only one man for company. That man is Castiel, captain of the black-sailed Leviathan: a pirate, no less. Given the circumstances under which they are stranded, rescue seems unlikely, and it could be aeons before a ship even comes by. The two of them may as well make the most of their own private island, personal differences be damned.
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“2/3 Osamoceni na pustém ostrově. Námět není špatný, ale postavy nějak nejsou k poznání. člověk si řekne, holt AU no. Ale škoda. :(”