The Dance of Inanna

  • Autor: PeppermintWind
  • Fandom: Supernatural
  • Jazyk: ČJ
  • Postavy: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Benny, Sam Winchester, Amelia Richardson, Don Richardson, Kevin Tran, Linda Tran, Garth, Charlie Bradbury, Claire Novak, Crowley, Naomi, Samandriel, Artemis, Inanna, Loki
  • Rating: NC-17
  • Slash: ano
  • Dokončeno: dokončeno
  • Počet kapitol: 13
  • Shrnutí: “Hey Sammy? You didn’t happen to start an apocalypse while I was in Purgatory, did you?” Or: After the disappearance of the One, pagan gods are fighting over who gets the world. Alliances are forged and broken, Zeus and Enlil form a bromance, Odin teams up with Isis, Loki probably has an evil plan, Artemis ponders second-wave feminism, Crowley is amused, the angels are not, Inanna has opinions, Don is a Carver Edland fan. And Dean and Cas aren’t fooling anybody.
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