On the Losing Side

  • Autor: missselene
  • Fandom: Harry Potter
  • Jazyk: AJ
  • Postavy:
  • Rating: M
  • Slash: ano
  • Dokončeno: dokončeno
  • Počet kapitol: 1
  • Shrnutí: Written for this promt on the kinkmeme: "After Mary's death, John moves back into Baker Street, but is still upset at the loss of his wife and child. Eventually, he and Sherlock may stumble into a sort of relationship, but it's more physical than anything and they don't talk about it. They especially don't talk during sex. If they are going to have sex, Sherlock notices the signs hours beforehand, and he prepares carefully. The lights are off, they're under the covers, he prepares himself using lots of lube so he can make it feel as much like a woman as he can, and he doesn't let himself make any noise so that, if John wishes, he can pretend that he's still with Mary."
  • Klíčová slova: sex, angst, nedorozumění

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