Can't Fight The Moonligh

  • Autor: DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan
  • Fandom: Harry Potter
  • Jazyk: AJ
  • Postavy: Harry Potter/Edward Cullen
  • Rating: 18+
  • Slash: ano
  • Dokončeno: dokončeno
  • Počet kapitol: 31
  • Shrnutí: Harry moves to Forks to be with his mother, he was just a normal boy until he meets the Cullen's and is bitten by James. Carlisle removes the venom from Harry but a dormant gene just awoken. Harry's great great grandfather was a vampire. Harry is a hybrid and they are unsure of what it could mean for Harry's future. Lily's is just as uncertain too.
  • Klíčová slova: Crossover s Twilight

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