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A Tapestry of Sorrows - fanart

Odkaz | Autor: Gold-Seven | Fandom: Silmarillion | Jazyk: fanart | Postavy: Míriel Serindë | Rating: Work Safe | Slash: ne | Dokončeno: dokončeno | Počet kapitol: 1
Shrnutí: Míriel Serindë, wife of High King Finwë and mother of Fëanor. After giving birth to her son, she was so exhausted that she wished to die, and was the first of the Elves in the Blessed Realm to do so. When Finwë wished to marry again after a while, his wish was granted under one condition only: As dead Elves can return to their lives and their bodies after a time, Míriel had to declare she would never return to life. Finwë then married Indis of the Vanyar, mother of Fingolfin and Finarfin, thus leading to the breach between the houses of Fëanor and his half-brothers. Míriel, however, after she had remained in the Halls of Mandos for a while, began to yearn for her body and the needlework she had loved while she was alive. So she was granted leave to join the household of Vairë the Weaver, where she sits still, weaving the History of her People into tapestries... And a sad History it is.
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