Povídky z fandomu Detroit: Become Human

You Are the Bluest Light

Odkaz | Autor: Kasasagi | Fandom: Detroit: Become Human | Jazyk: AJ | Postavy: Hank Anderson / Connor, Gavin Reed, Jeffrey Fowler, Ben Collins, Sumo | Rating: | Slash: ano | Dokončeno: dokončeno | Počet kapitol: 23
Shrnutí: “My name is Connor and I have been designed for your pleasure. How can I please you today?” Apparently, Hank’s so-called friends were a bunch of even bigger assholes than he had previously thought. They were juvenile dickheads with not an ounce of taste between them, and that’s why they decided that him turning half of a century deserved a really special present. A fucking sexbot. Named Connor, on top of that.
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