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All Our Secrets Laid Bare

Odkaz | Autor: firethesound | Fandom: Harry Potter | Jazyk: AJ | Postavy: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter/OMC, Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger | Rating: | Slash: ano | Dokončeno: dokončeno | Počet kapitol: 16
Shrnutí: Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
Klíčová slova: Auror Partners, Sexual Content, Wandless Magic, MysteryInvestigations, Magical Tattoos, Getting Together, Trapped, Secrets, Secret Relationship, Shower Sex, First Time, Loss of Virginity, Blow Jobs, Office Sex, Duelling, Falling In Love