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Odkaz | Autor: Nyruserra | Fandom: LOTR | Jazyk: AJ | Postavy: Thorin/Bilbo, Thorin, Bilbo | Rating: M | Slash: ano | Dokončeno: nedokončeno | Poslední aktualizace: nezadáno | Počet kapitol: 10
Shrnutí: Gilded. Aurulent. Opulent. Practically ludicrous, even; there were many, many words one could use to describe the Treasury of Erebor. Unfortunately, and utterly confoundingly, Bilbo could now add one more. Prison. The Khebabel Azyungaz is nothing Bilbo was ever prepared to deal with... (A prompt fill for a Dwarven Courtship story: Dwarves have a very odd concept of courting their mates. Instead of wooing them with flowers and love letters they Kidnap them!, then hold them prisoner for six months in which they must either gain their mates love or release them and consign themselves to a life of solitude...)
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