Přehled povídek autora - J_Baillier

The Breaking Wheel

Odkaz | Autor: J_Baillier | Fandom: Sherlock BBC | Jazyk: AJ | Postavy: Sherlock Holmes / John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Molly Hooper | Rating: 15+ | Slash: ano | Dokončeno: dokončeno | Počet kapitol: 18
Shrnutí: His immune system is decimating his nervous system - a civil war raging inside of him. Is there a reaction he's supposed to be having to this news, now? Something normal: cry, scream, pound the wall? Shake his fist at the uncaring universe? John can't stop this. An uncomfortable bed at some hospital ward isn't going to stop this. They keep telling him that this will most likely pass, but no one is answering the most important question: how will he be able to endure the uncertainty and the long wait?
Klíčová slova: Johnlock, nemoc, angst, hurt/comfort