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Odkaz | Autor: DeHeerKonijn, Roselightfairy | Fandom: LOTR | Jazyk: AJ | Postavy: Legolas/Gimli | Rating: explicitní - NWS | Slash: ano | Dokončeno: dokončeno | Počet kapitol: 6
Shrnutí: Velle (Latin): to want. “It was the act of bodily union that achieved marriage, and after which the indissoluble bond was complete.” -J.R.R. Tolkien, “Laws and Customs Among the Eldar” For the whole year they have been living and working in Minas Tirith, Legolas and Gimli have postponed their marriage – planning to wait on even their elven wedding until the conditions are right for the dwarven ceremony as well. But on the eve of their parting to Ithilien and Aglarond, faced with the prospect of an indefinite separation, they decide they can wait no longer. They want to be wed now, so they can part as true husbands – and so they can finally satisfy long-deferred desires. To both of their distress – and the great amusement of Legolas’s companions – they are soon to learn that some desires are not so easily deferred . . . and that the formation of the marital bond is only the beginning.
Klíčová slova: po válce, Ithilien, nedorozumění, odlišné kulturní zvyklosti, sex, fanart, komiks, nebinární postava ve vedlejší roli