Přehled povídek autora - Anorlost, CountOfEight

Hux: The Angriest Pleasure Slave

Odkaz | Autor: Anorlost, CountOfEight | Fandom: Star Wars | Jazyk: AJ | Postavy: Hux/Kylo Ren | Rating: mature | Slash: ano | Dokončeno: dokončeno | Počet kapitol: 1
Shrnutí: General Hux has been captured on an away mission and tracked to a brothel! Oh no! Will Kylo save him before it's too late? Will Hux ever stop terrorizing everyone in a ten meter radius? From the same idiots who brought you F*ck the Snow comes an all new adventure of cracktastic proportions.
Klíčová slova: Dark Humor, Crack Fic, Murder, Attempted Rape/Non-Con